ISHI members have shared the following technology tools - apps and websites - that they use, or are used in their programs.  


Mobile Device Apps

These apps are recommended by ISHI Members.  When viewing this page on your iPad or iPhone, the links will take you directly to the App store for your device.


Apps for Assessment

  • PAR Assessment Toolkit (iPad/iPhone) - Useful tools for diagnosticians and those who use standardized assessments.  Features include normal curve, conversion chart, stopwatch, chronological age calculator, and a calculator that can be programmed to quickly calculate the 60-day timeline for evaluations.


Apps Related to Deaf/Hard of Hearing

  • Starkey Hearing Loss Simulator (iPad/iPhone) - Choose from a variety of hearing loss configurations and either play pre-recorded simulations, or record your own voice and play a simulation of how it sounds to the individual with hearing loss.

  • Decibel 10th (iPad/iPhone) - Sound level meter. Only compatible with devices with a built in microphone.


Apps for Instruction

  • Auditory Workout (iPad/iPhone) - Basketball themed app for auditory skill practice

  • Common Core (iPad/iPhone) - View the Common Core Standards by subject and grade level.

  • Dyslexia Quest (iPad/iPhone) - Memory, sequencing and learning games (auditory sequencing)

  • Endless Alphabet (iPad/iPhone) - Adorable monsters provide practice with alphabet and phonics.

  • Giant Timer (iPad/iPhone) - Big, bold countdown or count-up timer

  • My Script Calculator (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Handwritten math problems convert to digital text and calculate the solution.

  • Nearpod (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Teaching tool that connects class iPads to the teachers, allowing for group participation and assessment.  Web-based and requires internet connection.

  • Phonics Studio (iPad/iPhone) - Articulation and vocabulary practice

  • Popplet (iPad/iPhone) - Create super simple and clean looking graphic organizers and mind maps

  • Potty Time (iPad/iPhone or Android) - App that incorporates "stickers" to chart progress and a video featuring Signing Time actors and songs.

  • See Touch Learn (iPad/iPhone) - Create your own flash-card based lessons.  Pro version gives access to lessons created by user community

  • Tools 4 Students (iPad/iPhone) - Graphic organizers for reading and writing

  • Toontastic (iPad/iPhone) - Draw, record and animate custom cartoon videos and teach the elements of a fiction story


Miscellaneous Apps

  • Apps Gone Free (iPad/iPhone) - Free apps posted daily.  Apps are free for a limited time.  Use the "bump" feature to recommend apps to be featured by Apps Gone Free.

  • Lyric Find Pro (iPad/iPhone) - Play music on your iPad or iPhone, and when you launch this app, the song's lyrics are displayed

  • SoundHound (iPad/iPhone or Android) - "Listens" and recognizes a song, and then provides lyrics


Apps for Productivity

  • CamScanner (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Use your mobile device as a scanner.  Email or fax documents from your device. Fax requires in-app purchase per page.

  • DocuSign Ink (iPad/iPhone or Android or Windows) - Gives you the ability to add your real signature to electronic documents, and then email or upload them to your cloud storage (Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

  • Flipboard (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Get all your news and social network feeds in one place. Flipboard converts your RSS feeds and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr) into a magazine-like interface.

  • GroupBoard (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Collaborate with others on anything you would draw or write on a whiteboard.  Note: may be blocked by some firewalls due to chat feature.

  • Notability (iPad/iPhone) - Notetaking app that incorporates handwriting, word processing, PDF annotation, audio recording.  Export to cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or WebDAV.)

  • Numbers (iPad/iPhone) - Super simple to use spreadsheet app

  • ooVoo (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Free video chat for up to 6 participants.

  • Penultimate (iPad/iPhone) - The handwritten notetaking sister app to Evernote.  Take notes, draw, or doodle, and your notes are automatically saved to Evernote.  Handwritten notes are searchable. Evernote account required to use Penultimate.

  • Shh! auto silencer (Android) - Program time slots (ex. during a meeting) to automatically silence your phone.

  • Skydrive (iPad/iPhone or Android) - Microsoft-based cloud drive


Apps for Teacher Evaluation

  • iAspire (iPad/iPhone) - Teacher evaluation tool with documents and tools for data collection, organization and inputting into forms.




These websites are recommended by ISHI Members:

  • AppShopper - reviews and recommendations of iPhone, iPad and Mac apps.  Use this website to watch for sales on apps, or create a wish list and be notified when apps you want go on sale.

  • Getting from There to Hear - Tina Childress' blog with links to loads of resources, including Tina's list of apps for kids and adults with hearing loss.  Also see Tina's searchable and tagged list of links on Delicious.

  • VoiceThread - Combines video with social networking. Students create videos and post, then other users comment. $79 per year for an individual license that provides secure connection. Also a free app, with open accessibility of videos by other app users.